Packaging Industries in Indonesia

Improvement in production process and product appearance is an important element to enhance product quality and finally increase market share. Since product packaging currently has become product identity, applications of packaging technology and creative design which is in line with the market trend are the key strategy that we should take to enhance our national industrial product competitiveness in the global market. But with many technology improvements and several product innovations, packaging industry and also its applied industry try to find new innovative packaging for its product, in order to add its product’s sale value.

Packaging industries in Indonesia grow in-line with its applied industries, and the food and beverage industry is its biggest consumers that almost 70% of total packaging supplies. In the future this industry will still grow, parallel to strengthen demands for a better quality packaging.

Key Drivers and Trends

The progression of packaging demand is influenced by a wide range of factors, from year to year and also factors with a much longer-term influence. While the economy plays a central role in influencing the size and growth of the market, there are a number of other factors which can be seen as having a direct or at least indirect influence on packaging demand or, at any rate, the nature of this demand, irrespective of the performance of the economy.

These include:

  • The ageing of the world population
  • The trend towards smaller households
  • The increasing requirement for convenience among consumers
  • Rising health awareness among consumers
  • The trend towards ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles among increasingly time-poor consumers
  • Growing requirements for brand enhancement/ differentiation in an increasingly competitive environment
  • New packaging material development
  • The move towards smaller pack sizes
  • Increasing awareness of environmental issues, and the adoption of new regulatory requirements on packaging recycling.

Packaging Market Size in US$ Billions


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